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About Blaze Express Courier Service

Who is Blaze Express Courier Service?

The Facts

  • We are a local delivery service specializing in same day pick-up and delivery.
  • Our Management team has over 50 years experience in the time critical logistics business serving Southern Louisiana
  • Blaze Express Courier Service is available 24 hours a day to handle your scheduled runs or “On Demand” deliveries. One hour and Three hour service are available.
  • Our Public Warehousing is available to you for storage of your Electronic Parts or handling your light distribution needs in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana
  • Our delivery personnel are uniformed and drug screened to represent you professionally.
  • Our delivery personnel have cell phones for quick communication to check the status of your delivery order.
  • We offer 24 hour service, seven days a week, for your convenience
  • Our computerized dispatching system insures that your delivery will be handled on time and will be delivered to the correct destination.
  • Our detailed invoicing makes it easy for you to reconcile your charges
  • We are fully insured for all perils for your liability security
  • We are a New Orleans home grown business, therefore we are truly concerned about the success of your business in South Louisiana.

The Sales Pitch

We are a delivery service company, but mostly we are a Service Company. We can adjust ourselves to fit your local or regional transportation and light distribution needs. From the one pound envelope in the office that needs to be across the street or across the state now! – To the management of your electronic parts stored in our warehouse that needs to be delivered ASAP! – From the scheduled run everyday to the occasional “on demand” delivery – From the Special Handling required for Medical Specimens to complete dedicated route structure for every Hospital Department. From New Orleans to Baton Rouge – No matter what your local transportation needs are – we can accommodate them.


Blaze Express Courier Service, a locally owned family business, was established in New Orleans in 1975. With a borrowed van, a shared office and $1000.00 in his pocket, Charles J. Wolfe founded Barnett Services, Inc which later would become Blaze Express Courier Service, and began serving the New Orleans business community. As his wife Ellie was caring for their six children, she also found herself running the office. In between changing diapers she would answer the phone and handle other administrative tasks as Charles was out making deliveries and handling the operational end of the business.

In 1980 the company moved to a premier business park in the New Orleans area, Elmwood Business Park, and located its offices inside the General Electric Building. The company ran General Electric’s Major Appliance warehousing operation along with providing regional delivery for them. The company was providing Local Freight Delivery, Local Courier Service, Public Warehousing and Retail Home Delivery – referred to today as Residential White Glove Delivery –for its growing customer base.

It was 1991 when the courier division took on its own identity and when the name Blaze Express Courier Service was first unveiled. It was a new look and a new focus on "Courier" services. Operationally not much changed since the company under its current identity was offering courier services. It was just time to concentrate on the "courier" segment of the business which included the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries along with the “Rush Demand” business.

After moving out of the GE building in 1989 the company occupied a 40,000 square foot warehouse in the Elmwood Industrial Park until 2003 when the decision to sell its Local Freight and Retail Home Delivery divisions was made. It was then that the company’s identity as Blaze Express Courier Service was solidified. After the sale Blaze Express Courier Service moved out of the Elmwood Industrial Park but after a three year absence has returned and is excited about being back in this centrally located area.

Like many businesses in the area, Katrina delivered a “Blow” to Blaze Express Courier Service. In August of 2005 the company was on pace to have a record month since undergoing the changes in 2003. Instead sales in September 2005 were all but non existent equaling 12% of a normal month. In spite of that brothers Charles Wolfe Jr and Paul Wolfe, whose guidance the company is under today, felt extremely lucky to have been able to rebuild the business back to its pre Katrina numbers over a four month period. Since then Charles and Paul formed Blaze Logistics, LLC which now is the parent company of Blaze Express Courier Service.

Today Blaze Express Courier Service handles over 300 deliveries daily across South Louisiana utilizing approximately 40 independent contract drivers. All drivers are drug screened and have back ground checks conducted. Most drivers are trained to handle medical delivery including pack and ship services for lab specimens. All drivers are trained and screened under TSA guidelines to handle deliveries to and from the Airport.

It’s all in a days work to have the trained delivery personnel of Blaze Express Courier Service handle vital deliveries such as Lab Specimens for several National Laboratories, human organ delivery, rush deliveries to and from the airport both locally and regionally not to mention provide dedicated routes for one of the South’s Largest Hospitals. And that is just a part of the business. Blaze Express Courier Service provides warehousing for critical electronic parts and provides last mile delivery services for several national logistic companies.

Oh yea, they also provide the same service that they have provided from day one – Rush, 3 hour and same day delivery service for many local companies all across the Metro New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas for all kinds of packages.

From a modest beginning in 1975 with one van and a handful of customers in the New Orleans area, to today where the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Banking and Logistics industries call for its services across southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, Blaze Express Courier Service has enjoyed serving the New Orleans community and looks forward to serving its neighbors across the state and Gulf Coast as we recover, rebuild and renew our region.